A personalized, full-service approach to online bikini competition preparation.


Experience the ultimate NPC or IFBB bikini competition prep and the evolution of online coaching

The Total Package

Bikini competitors need to be supported in every phase of their competition training journey. When a competitor steps on stage they need to have the complete package head to toe! Each online bikini competitor will feel confident that every effort has been made to bring the very BEST in customer service! Each plan is designed with the bikini competitor in mind. This is where our bikini competition prep goes to work for you.

Personalized Coaching

Each bikini competitor receives a plan that is designed to fit their competition goals and needs. Competitors enjoy individualized attention, along with frequent communication and ongoing support during their online training journey. The goal is to promote a balanced lifestyle in the areas of nutrition, workout, cardio so that each competitor feels amazing year round!! Begin your biking competition prep today!


Bikini competitors enjoy frequent communication via phone, text, Google Hangout and or face to face weekly consultations. Every bikini competitor gets the attention they deserve with no hidden fees or cost! This bikini team is unique because each and every member is connected and supportive no matter how far apart they live. All bikini team members are given customized plans, from check ins to posing, there will be no detail left undone.

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Online workout programs contain exercises that utilize a squat rack
Amy Ehinger, CEO & Founder


Prep Life Podcast

Natashia is an NPC figure competitor and Glam Girl Bikini client
"Thank you, for seeing more in me than what I thought possible for myself. You continuously raised your expectation of me and pushed me past my comfort zone with my competition training. Your coaching has opened my eyes to my true potential. Among many things, you have taught me to discipline my body and mind. I truly appreciate all that you do for me!"
Adam Smith
Shelly Inda, bikini and figure competitor
"Knowing I've got you and so many great people in my corner has changed my bikini competition training experience! Knowing that I have support from my coach and all the other competitors on the team is so comforting. Thank you for all your wonderful coaching and support!"
Adam Smith



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