To take care of an athletes’s health & well-being year round. Guidance toward success on the stage and off is crucial. Weekly calls or video conferences are vital in order to connect & communicate with each competitor to ensure the ultimate success. 

Promoting life balance with competitions, family, & social life is key! I feel strongly about creating plans that are customized to each competitor in order to for them to enjoy flexibility and sustainability while eating for their goals. I want all my athletes to enjoy a healthy, fit, & maintainable physique year round. I achieve this through keeping my competitors well fed & keeping cardio at a minimum in the improvement season. Every competitor is UNIQUE so everyone has different needs.

 I do my best to create the ultimate “UNICORN PREP” based on likes, dislikes, career, family, gut health, body imbalances, etc. In other words, I try to look at the athlete from a WHOLE PICTURE perspective. My “why” is based off of years of personal experience of not getting the proper coaching. 

I want to help give all athletes the opportunity to live a healthy lifestyle and also compete in a sustainable way.

Online bikini training program should include the Smith Machine at the gym