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Bikini Competition-Travel Tips

Have you ever thought: How could I possibly go on vacation during contest prep?

Or maybe you have wanted to compete in a bikini competition far from home, but decided against it because you were nervous to bring food on a plane?

If you have ever felt this type of anxiety about traveling on prep, you are not alone!

However, you can put your mind at ease, because both are totally manageable! The key is a little preparation.

The goal of this blog is to provide you with some tips & tricks that I have learned over the years.

Keep in mind, I didn’t learn these things overnight! It has taken a lot of trial & error to find what really works for me.

Although, I admit, it can be a little intimidating & frustrating when you are not familiar with traveling with your food, but it is TOTALLY DOABLE!

Travel-Friendly Bikini Competition Tips:

1. Pack all your food & weigh it ahead of time. Bring all your perishable food in a cooler. Dry goods can be checked.

Label meals in Ziplock bags & number each meal with a permanent marker.

The plastic containers tend to take up too much space if you are needing several days worth of food. A 6 Pack Fitness cooler backpack is great investment because it fits right under the seat of the plane.

2. When you arrive at the hotel ask the staff to refreeze your ice packs. They will need to be frozen solid to pass through TSA inspection on the way home.

3. Look for grocery stores and markets close to the hotel you will be staying in just in case some of your food goes bad (you may want to bring your food scale depending on how long the trip is).

4. Request a room with a small refrigerator for food storage & a microwave if you need to heat up your meals.

5. For convenience pack foods that don’t need to be refrigerated for snacks:

• Nuts or Nut butter (single pouch)

• Fruit (dried is better)

• Jerky or Low Sugar Protein Bar

• Protein powder or Tuna Pouches

• Oatmeal pre measured

6. Don’t forget to drink your water! It’s easy to forget when your traveling, especially on a plane! I suggest filling a blender bottle with ice (the ice will pass through TSA security as long is there is no liquid)

7. Pack all you vitamins & supplements in a small pill box to keep in your cooler.

8. Try to stay in a hotel with a decent gym. These are often hard to find, so it will be important to come prepared to do workouts with minimal equipment. Typically body weight exercises, plyometrics, treadmill & dumb bell exercises can be accomplished at a hotel.

9. Remember TSA will throw out jars of PB etc as they are liquids. However if you want to bring something like a 2 oz Wholly Guacamole mini cup just freeze it ahead of time & it serves as an ice pack as well.

10. Be sure to take your ice packs out for inspection when going through security. This will save you time as they need to check that they are frozen solid.

For more tips on how to travel as a bikini competitor go to my website to contact me about applying for the competition prep team: or email me at

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