Metabolic Damage-How to Avoid for Bikini Competitions

Metabolic Damage-How to Avoid for Bikini Competitions

Are you considering hiring a coach to step on the competitive stage as a bikini competitor? If the answer is “yes” there are a lot of factors to consider.

This blog will touch on one of the many factors that go into preparing a competition: “The importance of selecting a coach with your long term health in mind.”

It’s one thing to hire someone that will get you stage lean, & it is an entirely different thing to hire the type of coach that will not only get you stage lean, but will also help guide you through the oftentimes more challenging off season. Thus taking a year round healthy lifestyle approach to competing.

If an individual decides that they want to start training for a bikini competition there are some key questions to consider when looking to hire a coach: Are they qualified to help lean you out properly? And do they have a plan & strategy for you after the show?

Keep in mind, getting stage lean will push your body to limits you may have never experienced before! Depending on where you are starting, it could be a long process getting to the proper body fat composition the right way! It requires a lot of time & work to step on stage in the proper condition. What is the proper condition? Let’s talk body typical body fat composition leading into a competition.

Body Fat

Younger females typically carry around about 25-30% body fat; older women about 30 to 35%.

So, attaining the body fat levels of a bikini competitor (12-15%), means struggling against your body’s set point.

People who have repeatedly dieted, or for bikini competitors who may repeatedly fluctuate between being extremely lean and being overweight in the off-season will find it even more difficult to push beyond that set point.

Dieting down can cause a great deal of stress on the body. Many times damage can be done in this phase of the process when coaches pair high volume training, with low quantities of food. Trying to attain this level of leanness using this method can be extremely taxing & stressful on the body.

This can then lead to hormonal problems like adrenal burnout, sex hormone depression, and much more can occur in these times of stress.

Many females have come to me after experiencing this type of metabolic damage from their imbalanced bikini competition prep. Sometimes due to lack of information these competitors are given WAY too much cardio and are being SEVERELY underfed.

Many times this misinformation could have been easily avoided by doing some due diligence & seeking advice from a qualified & experienced coach. Note, it is important to select someone that addresses a competition with a lifestyle approach! Unfortunately because some females have gotten bad advice, they’ve damaged their metabolism, hormonal systems, digestive health, sleep rhythms. They have poor body image, and their relationships with food is very unhealthy. This reality makes me so sad! Unfortunately more times than not I see females struggling with these issues!

The good news is, these problems are totally manageable. And that’s what I do. I work with bikini athletes to find the best way to manage the imbalances and possible unhealthy habits/methods of competing.

Here are some key factors to consider when addressing metabolism.

*As always be sure to seek help from a professional to get the best results possible! Here are some strategies that might help when it comes to safeguarding your metabolic health:

1. Eat plenty of protein

2. Eat a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, quality carbs, and healthy fats

3. Adjust your caloric intake as you plateau

4. Understand that this is not a one size fits all-hire a bikini competition prep coach that is educated & experienced

5. Cycle calories and carbs

6. Refeed periodically

7. Do a mixture of strength, cardio, & stretching

8. Find ways to increase NEAT (Non-exercise Activity Thermogenesis)

9. Develop a solid sleep routine & manage your stress

10. Give yourself some grace

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