Bikini Competition Re-Feeds Explained

Bikini Competition Re-Feeds Explained


Both are strategically OVERFEEDING at the right times to maximize your bikini competition training results. A Re-feed is a structured & scheduled overfeed that is controlled, calculated & usually contains extra carbohydrates. Untracked meals are meals that are not calculated & are more relaxed. In both case they can be utilized for a healthy bikini competition prep However, the frequency & aggressiveness of these metabolism boosting events varies, depending on goals & the individual’s response.

Structured Re-feeds Pros:

  • Macro experimentation-This gives you an idea of how sensitive your body is to certain macronutrients. This is also particularly important for females in contest prep, as hormones can be regulated in some individuals through the implementation of various macronutrients, especially carbs.
  • Restores muscle glycogen—I typically coach my online bikini athletes to schedule re-feeds after their toughest weight training workouts.
  • Re-feeds can satisfy your “sweet-tooth”—Bikini competitors can enjoy some of their favorite foods without the “guilt”
  • Insulin sensitivity—Because insulin is a highly anabolic hormone, it’s important to have sensitivity to it, to reach your fat-loss goals, while bikini training. Insulin can also enhance muscle protein synthesis (muscle gain) which will be extremely important to display an on point physique on stage.

Untracked Meals Pros:

  • This type of meal allows bikini competitors flexibility to eat whatever they please in a relaxed social setting. It’s a “diet break” from the more rigid bikini competition training plans which can be beneficial both physically and mentally.
  • This caloric increase can also provide extra energy, metabolic, and hormonal benefits for females that have been dieting hard during their contest prep.
  • Bikini competitors that train utilizing flexible dieting can get worn out from constantly tracking their macros. This gives them a slight break from tracking.

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