Hey guys! I am Brittany Gabel, a 5x nationally qualified NPC Bikini Competitor working towards my dream of becoming an IFBB Bikini Pro! I have been an NCSF Certified Personal Trainer and Sports Nutrition Specialist for 2 years and just recently, I have finished my Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification!
I started my journey with bikini bodybuilding back in 2015.
Bodybuilding isn’t just getting shredded and stepping on stage to me, it’s so much more than that! Bodybuilding to me is challenging yourself to be the absolute best version you can be and that is why I fell in love with it the moment I picked up a dumbbell!

The journey hasn’t always been easy for me though. For the first 4 years, my relationship with food and body image was far from perfect. I struggled for so long because I had been on very strict meal plans with hours of cardio every day which had resulted in post-show rebounds. Throughout the years I have learned so many great things about myself, the human body and how mental health is so important when going through, not just life’s challenges, but the challenges when prepping for a bikini bodybuilding competition.

Brittany Gabel Trainer

Some of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is that counting macros is by far the best practice for me when it comes to my food relationship as it helps me pick what I would like in my diet as compared to being limited only to the foods on a restrictive meal plan. Also, that hours of cardio can hinder your results because it will eat away at the muscle we work so hard to build. And lastly, that protecting your mental health is probably one of the most helpful tools because when our mind is strong everything else seems to not be as difficult.
Throughout my life I have always wanted to be that person that helps people change their lives for the better! After working in healthcare for about 6-7 years I realized I wasn’t helping people like I wanted to. I was able to comfort patients and try to brighten their day, but I still wasn’t able to help change their lives. So being that I loved bodybuilding and owned a gym, I finally decided to pursue becoming a personal trainer and nutrition coach to help others become the best versions of themselves.
While coaching lifestyle clients and working part-time as an MRI tech I decided to get back into the bodybuilding world and compete again. That is when I hired Amy as my bikini prep coach. After going through a bikini prep with her I knew I wanted to be more than just a competitor in the bodybuilding realm. I also found myself wanting more for my clients!
So here I am now, extremely excited and honored to be a part of the amazing Glam Girl Bikini Team coaching competitors like myself!
My main goal is to help women believe in themselves and stomp on the myths. I want to help them learn that by fueling their bodies with proper nutrition and exercise they can do anything they set their minds to even getting up on a stage in a bikini!

Shows to Date:
2016 Midway Championships 2nd place
2018 Battle of the Bodies 1st place
Midway Championships 1st place
2021 St Louis Championships 1st place
Oklahoma Championships 2nd place
USA National Championships 12th place

NCSF Certified Personal Trainer and Sports Nutrition Specialist
Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified