Need A Professional Suit?

Are you wanting to wear a pro level suit but just can’t seem to afford it?  Are you new to the sport and unsure if you want  to invest a lot of money in a custom suit just yet?

If so – you are in the right place!  We have a wide variety of brands, cuts, colors and crystal combinations for your bikini rental needs!

Glam Girl Bikini Suit Rental


Glam Girl Bikini, LLC hereby agrees to rent a competition bikini suit or competition figure suit, herein after called “Suit”, on the following terms and conditions:


Term – The rental term begins when a Suit is provided to Renter and will terminate the Tuesday following Renter’s competition. Glam Girl Bikini, LLC shall have the right, at its option, to extend the term of this lease for a period of time after the expiration of this lease by giving notice to Renter.

Rental Fee – Renter shall pay Glam Girl Bikini, LLC a fee of $225 per competition, payable in advance to secure their suit choice. (Excludes Shipping, US Addresses only) There is a $35 shipping fee if you wish it shipped.

Use of Suit – Renter agrees to the following terms:

  1.  Renter is responsible for the condition of the Suit. The Suit must be returned in the condition it was received; HOWEVER IT DOES NOT NEED TO BE WASHED OR PROFESSIONALLY CLEANED.
  2. NO ADHESIVE IS TO BE USED ON THE SUIT, EXCEPT BIKINI BITE. Please note: backstage assistants may offer to “glue you in” before you step on stage. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE only allow them to use Bikini Bite. If any other adhesive is used except Bikini Bite, Renter will be subject to a $235 fine.
  3. Should damage to Suit occur, Glam Girl Bikini, LLC will assess the damage to determine if (a) the Suit is repairable, in which case the Renter will be responsible for the cost of repairs or (b) the Suit is a complete loss, in which case the Renter is responsible for cost of replacing the Suit. Replace
  4. If the Suit is not returned, the Renter shall be subject to a $500.00 fine and Renter will be subject to legal action.

Return of Suit – Suits must be returned to Glam Girl Bikini, LLC the same night as the Renter’s competition. If Glam Girl Bikini, LLC is not present at the Renter’s competition to receive the Suit, the Renter is responsible for shipping the Suit by the Tuesday immediately following the competition. Shipping requirements are as follows:

  1. Suits must be shipped via FedEX, UPS, or USPS carriers only by close of business (COB) on the Tuesday following the Renter’s competition.
  2. Suit shipments must be insured at $500.
  3. A tracking number for the suit shipment must be supplied to Glam Girl Bikini, LLC no later than COB on the Tuesday following the Renter’s competition.

By filling out the application for rental below and paying your rental fee, you agree to abide and be bound by these rental terms and conditions stated above.

Bikini Suit Rental Agreement

GGB-Bikini Suit Rental Agreement
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