Jamy Adams

My name is Jamy Adams. I am beyond thrilled to share who I am with you. I have always had a love for working out and self-care. I remember being in high school and after dinner I would ask if I could go workout at the local gym. It was during that time I realized how much I enjoyed weight training. I enjoyed seeing the changes in my physique. I often would pick up a Muscle and Fitness for Her magazine to learn new workouts or get some nutrition tid bits but never really pursued anything past just trying new things and enjoying my gym time. Sometimes I would wonder what it would take to be on the cover of a magazine. It’s good to dream big….

I am happily married for almost 16 years and have two sons ages 21 and 13. We located to Kansas City from California in 2016. My oldest son is a guitar instructor and lead guitarist in a band. My youngest is an avid soccer player which allows us to travel a lot as a family. We truly enjoy boating and going on family trips.

It was during our relocation things went a little south. I knew it was time for a change. I found a trainer that got me started with a more structured nutrition plan and workout routine. Once I started seeing results I decided I wanted to challenge myself to a bikini competition. Nine months later I competed in my first NPC competition. Being my first competition I learned a lot from the experience so I decided to try again. Six NPC shows later I did my first National competition under the exceptional guidance of Glam Girl Bikini summer of 2019 placing 5th. Let me mention I did not do my first bikini competition until age 47…so ladies it’s never too late!


Jamy Adams

I truly enjoy helping women achieve their goals. We all have the same 1,440 minutes in a day. I want to teach you how to be purposeful with your time. Often we get sidetracked with life and forget to take some time for ourselves. Glam Girl has provided me the platform to help you achieve a balance between fitness and family. The confidence I see in women as they achieve their goals is priceless.

I look forward to meeting you!

Precision Nutrition Certified

NPC Master Nationals Competitor