Hey y’all! My name is Leemarie and I am a Nationally Qualified NPC bikini competitor with the goal of one day going Pro! I have been coaching women in the fitness industry since 2019. I am a NASM Certified Personal trainer and Sports Nutrition Specialist. I also have my Precision Level 1 Nutrition and NASM Women’s Fitness Specialization certifications. My own fitness journey started in my early 20s when I needed to be more fit to play concerts with my rock band (yep, I grew up in the height of Warped Tour and punk rock music). So I started running and found a love for the endorphins! Soon after, I started CrossFit and discovered that I could lift pretty heavy. I LOVED the feeling of being strong. I began to think less about how my clothes fit or how skinny I could get, and instead I dreamed about how much weight I could squat or deadlift!


When I did my first CrossFit competition I was hooked – to competing! I have since competed in powerlifting (where I won my first meet and set a national deadlift record in my weight class!), strongman and most recently, NPC Bikini. I found GLAMGIRL and my amazing coach, Amy, through the PrepLife Podcast. The level of support and accountability we have on the GLAMGIRL bikini team is really special and rare. What I love about competing in bodybuilding is the constant drive to beat your last package. It really is ME against ME. In fact, when I am backstage at an NPC show, I never look at the other girls as my competition. We are all in this together, and it’s a wonderful and welcoming community!


I am passionate about teaching women that STRONG is beautiful. I want to help you build confidence inside the gym to lift heavy, train hard and practice perfect form and technique. When we feel strong physically, we go through life with greater mental, emotional and spiritual strength as well. Whether you are an aspiring competitor or not, fitness can and WILL greatly improve your quality of life! We are all here for you at Glam Girl Bikini, to help you find your own unique goals and support you along the journey!

LeeMarie Hostetter