Life Balance & Bikini Competitions

Life Balance & Bikini Competitions

Are you considering training for a bikini competition?

Have you trained for a competition in the past and life after the big day has got you down and unhappy with your physique?

If so you are not alone! Post show blues and rebound is very prevalent but CAN be avoided!

If you are reading this blog and you want to learn how to I corporate contest prep with everyday life, then you are reading the right article!

Discover ? key strategies to improve your outlook on food year round…..


? Let go of rigid eating rules. Strict rules about foods creates an unhealthy outlook.

? Enjoy the foods you love! Follow a plan designed by a coach, with you in mind.

? Avoid terming foods as “good” vs “bad”. The more you restrict food, the more likely it is that you’ll become preoccupied, & even obsessed, with it.

? Instead of focusing on what you “shouldn’t” eat, focus on nutritious foods that will energize you & make your body strong.

? Think of food as fuel for your body.

? Stick to a regular eating schedule. Be sure to eat every 3 hours. Plan ahead for meals & snacks, don’t skip!

? See yourself in a positive & balanced way!

? Hire a coach to do weekly face to face check ins, phone calls or emails. Accountability is key!

Other important things to keep in mind is sending yourself positive messages and working just as hard on your mental prep as you do your training program.


?Make a list of your positive qualities.

?Focus on what you like about your body.

?Accept yourself-the scale does not determine your self worth.

?Pamper your body. Get a massage, manicure, facial, take a hot bath

?Stay active.

?Get outdoors.

?Develop a solid support system. (Glam Girl Bikini Team) ?

?Surround yourself with people that want to see you healthy & happy

?Fill your life with positive activities. (Try something new, develop a skill, explore a new place, take a class etc)

?Identify your “triggers.” Know what your triggers are, & have a plan for dealing with them.

?For more information on how to get the right kind of help to meet your goals CLICK ??the link


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