New Year - New You

Are you ready for that new you?  The NEW YEAR – NEW YOU bikini challenge will start January 9th thru March 6th.  There will be a 2 month charge @$350 each.   Existing GGB clients will be charged $200.   Fill out our getting started form and we’ll be in contact with you!

New Year New You 23

2023 New Year - New You!

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Upon clicking submit - you will be redirected to our client portal Month-to-Month account.  Please sign up/setup a client account.  You will only be charged $350 in the portal up front, then charged a 2nd time during the program.  You can disregard the $350 month-to month fee notice.  


You will be required to pay the $200 add-on fee here on this form - when you click submit you will be redirected to the month-month page - YOU CAN DISREGARD THIS SECTION - IT IS ONLY FOR NEW, NON-GGB CLIENTS.

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