You MUST complete all daily goals
Winner will be chosen from physical results AND consistency/mental growth

  • Daily 45 min workout (active recovery on non training days)
  • Daily 30 mins of movement outside
  • Drink a Gallon of water
  • Track macros (must hit between 1 to 3 +- fat, 3 to 5 +- carbs & protein), No alcohol
  • Read 10 pages nonfiction (audio/ebooks don’t count)
  • Take a progress picture weekly with check in and tag @glamgirlbikini daily on your Instagram story with a post workout selfie

Check in Thursday June 1st to be eligible for prizes. Deadline to to sign up is Tuesday May 30th

This challenge will grow the mental discipline needed to succeed in ANYTHING you want in life. If you commit to do EVERY item on your list EVERY day, you will win much more than a prize! You will have the confidence to go into a bikini prep and be unstoppable. You will have the discipline to commit to a weight loss program and hit your goals. You will have the skills you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle long term.

Don’t cheat yourself. Grow your Glam Girl Grit!

1st, 2nd, 3rd place prizes will be awarded
Cost for entry: 3 payments of $275 billed month to month.  YOU WILL BE REDIRECTED AFTER FILLING OUT THE FORM BELOW.   Current client add on $100
What’s included: weekly check-in and program adjustments if needed, cardio, nutrition and strength training plans included. Optional once a month accountability call with your coach.

This program will be a 90 day program and ends August 30th.

Glam & Grit Challenge

2023 Glam & Grit Challenge

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Lets be honest ladies - we all have them.

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Cost for entry: 3 payments of $275 billed month to month.  Current client add on $100.